About us

We are a small business based in Jersey, Channel Islands. Smitten Kitten offers a range of Pilates and yoga activewear with a variety of different designs to suit different tastes with both style and comfort in mind.

Natasha Rushton- Owner (Pilates and Meditation Teacher at www.nrgizepilates.com)

As a Pilates teacher of over 10 years, I have bought a lot of leggings, t-shirts, tops. I could never find leggings that were both comfortable and unique at the same time. The fabric was either too thick, too thin, some almost see through, or used to drop down.  Cheaper leggings lacked the quality of the more expensive leggings, but I didn't want to pay a fortune either, but even the most expensive leggings often had quite dull designs.

The leggings I have designed on the site, are very comfortable, allow you to stretch without dropping down and are reasonably priced. The designs are often bright and colourful because I think colour is really important and helps lift your mood.

I hope you like the designs but if there is a design you are particularly looking for please get in touch, email info@smittenkitten.co.uk.